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Fidel Razafindrabe

“Growing up in Madagascar taught me to appreciate the simple things in life, like the sound of the ocean and the warmth of the sun.”

Fidel grew up in Madagascar, where he learned to play cricket with handmade equipment and a passion for the sport. His skill on the field caught the attention of a visiting coach from Chicago, who offered him a scholarship to pursue his dream. Fidel is now a proud member of the Chicago cricket team, and spends much of his free time working with local youth to teach them the game he loves. When he's not on the field, Fidel can be found exploring the city's diverse neighborhoods and trying new foods with his teammates.

What made you fall in love with cricket?

I think it was the challenge. Cricket is a mental game as much as a physical one--you have to constantly adapt to changing conditions and strategies. It's never boring!

What do you hope to achieve with your work teaching kids to play cricket?

I want to share the joy of the game with a new generation, and maybe even inspire some future stars. But more than that, I want to help kids build confidence, teamwork, and respect for others--all important skills that cricket can teach.

A lush green jungle with a hidden waterfall and exotic bird calls.
Just like the beautiful Malagasy landscape, cricket is a reflection of the natural world--full of twists, turns, and unexpected challenges.
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